Monthly archives:June 2017

Collateral Beauty: Dear London

In true Collateral Beauty fashion, I wrote a letter. But this time it wasn't to life, death, time, or love. It was to my niece, London Cadence. My best friend of 25 years delivered her... stillborn only 2 days prior to her due date. So, as time drew closer and closer to what would be her first birthday I decided the next letter in my series should be to her.[...]

Collateral Beauty: The Series Introduction

I know not a lot of people liked the movie where our beloved Will Smith wrote letters to Love, Time and Death after his daughter died. Well, eff ya'll! (jk, keep reading), cause I did. It hit me, in places I didn't know existed. Around this time last year I stopped writing much in general. I had no idea that in these coming days I would lose my neice, that m[...]