Meet Janelle Faison, basically my fashion idol, but this is one of them that I actually know and love in person whereas the rest of the ladies I adore I only have access to through instagram and google.
Janelle Faison, eMagazine Blogger and Owner/CEO/Founder of brings a wealth of experience from The Ohio State University, Fashion Institute of Technology and New York’s high-end fashion industry including Bloomingdales, Elle Magazine, and W Magazine. Janelle leverages her experience in image consulting, fashion styling, and executive leadership of Bloomingdales’ Studio Services Department where she worked with award-winning stylist and costumers to locate unique apparel and accessories for the most sophisticated clientele.
Get into her, I promise you won’t regret it.

4 Ways To Layer Outwear Like A Fashion Editor


Between winter boots and bulky outerwear it seems nearly impossible to be fashionable in these frigid temperatures. What if we told you there’s a way to dress warm while maintaining a sense of style. We present four ways to layer your outerwear like a Fashion Editor.


Wool Coat + Bomber

Opt for a statement wool coat with a simple bomber or vice versa to provide comfort, warmth and a bold statement. Want to up the notch? Throw in a totally rad fur stole. You’ll be guaranteed to make the street style cut.


Pea Coat + Denim Jacket + Poncho

Drama! A denim jacket can be worn year-round if done right. Layer a pea coat over your denim jacket while topping it off with a poncho! You’ll be sure to turn heads.


Wool Coat + Blazer + Hoodie

Anyone can do this look. All it takes is a cool hoodie (don’t be afraid to pull out your favorite collegiate hoodie. Whoever said it was restricted to campus only lied), a tailored blazer and a wool coat. The blazer defines your waist while the hoodie and coat provides desperately needed warmth. To get the desired look, ensure each hemline is waist-length.


Fur Coat + Motorcycle Jacket + Vest

Pairing a fur coat over a motorcycle jacket results in a sweet combo. Feeling a little risky? add a vest underneath.