It was important to me to do this sans make up. (Though I had to throw on a 22 inch wig.) I wanted the Intro video to be me, fresh clean face, because people tend to think beauty and fashion bloggers always have to be “on.” I’m a single mom and I don’t wear makeup every day.  You’re likely to see me around the city running up to Kroger with basketball shorts on to get my daughter some nuggets. If I’m being honest, it was suchhhhhhhh a challenge because I’m a girl. I have the normal insecurities, and in the midst of me recording I realized I hate my face without makeup on, especiallyyyy on camera…. But at that moment it made this even more important! This is a journey for me to live out my purpose and embrace what’s difficult. I hope someone out there finds some inspiration in that. Be well, my friends!