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Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Tamar has earned a Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Family Science from The Ohio State University. Immediately following her undergraduate studies, she enrolled in AmeriCorps and served over 3600 hours; tutoring and mentoring high school students to increase our nation’s graduation rates. She has continually cultivated her creative abilities through makeup, fashion, and design. Her purpose is to impart seeds of love, laughter, and a sense of self worth.

3 Quick Tips To Winterize Your Skin.

As the snow falls, the winter seems to finally be among us. That means it’s now time to adjust our skin care routine. The harsh cold can be super damaging to our skin as it can draw out all of the moisture (face and body), leaving it dry, itchy, and scaly. I have super oily, acne prone skin so it is important for me to adjust my routine according to the weather. Lately I’ve been trying different products (more so natural remedies) and techniques to combat my acne and oil, but more importantly to keep it moisturized. By focusing on replenishing our skin with moisture, we will all be on your way to supple, youthful, wrinkle free skin.

Drink Plenty of Water.

About 60% of our body is made of water. Throughout the day we lose water by sweating, digesting food, emptying wastes out of our body, etc. so it’s crucial to replenish what is lost by drinking water. Drinking lots of water is great for our health, body, and skin as it rejuvenates its elasticity while improving the tone.

Facial Moisturizer + Body Moisturizer.

We all know that it’s vital to moisturize our skin and body with a water based moisturizer. But did you know that the moisturizer you use for the Spring and Summer may be completely ineffective in the Fall and Winter? This is because of the cold temperatures seizing all of the moisture from our body, hair, and skin. We have to pay close attention to how our skin reacts and adjust our routines, products, and techniques accordingly.

Seal in Moisture

When styling natural hair, we typically moisturize and then seal in the moisture with an oil or butter to lock it all in. This same idea applies to skin too! I personally, love using argan oil in my nightly routine to seal in all of that goodness. After cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing I then apply a dime size amount of argan oil to my damp skin. Applying it gently by rubbing it into the skin, but also pressing it all over my face.

I also really love coconut oil. Have you ever seen the meme with a picture of a coconut that says “Coconut oil fixes EVERYTHING! Rub it on your hair! Your skin! Your relationship! Your bank account!” This is so true, coconut oil does fix everything. It has so many benefits! It is one of the few oils proven to penetrate the hair shaft, but it also has lots of moisturizing and skin softening properties.
Tell us about your skin care routine. How do you moisturize your skin?
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