I always want to put a spotlight on young entrepreneurs and particularly with recent racial tensions and lack of representation I really wanted to focus on supporting young black men and women. Who better than to start with Brittany Bibb?

I have been so moved and impressed by her and her social activism that I wanted to give her a little space to present her campaign across different media outlets.

My name is Brittany Bibb and I am a recent Graduate of The University of Cincinnati with a BBA in Marketing.
I really started getting into Illustrator design after I met Bryan Hatcher my second year at UC. He took me under his wing and taught me the basics.

One summer during undergrad we were talking and I told him I wanted to create a crewneck so we made a design for the United Black Student Association, but I always wanted to make something that was just for me.

I was definitely inspired by the social climate of our current times for these new designs. As a co-founder of The Irate 8 I thought there was no better time to push positive images of Black people out into the world to be celebrated and adored. 365 Black is me. I signed “Stay Black” on each because that’s what I always say to my friends as I’m leaving. It’s the only thing about yourself you can’t change, and you shouldn’t want to.

My crewnecks are meant to promote self-love of our culture every day of the year (even leap years), not just during Black History Month.
Both crewnecks come in unisex sizes Small-XXL $25.00 plus $8.00 Shipping (choose no shipping if in Cincinnati or Louisville) and are available for preorder until January 31, here.