I had the amazing opportunity of working with Marlana Lowery, a  gorgeous 40-something and fabulous wife, and mother of three. Upon meeting her, her spirit was overwhelmingly positive and she welcomed me into her life and closet with open arms. We made a day of it and I’ve gained a new spiritual adviser and sister. I was first contracted to do a closet reconstruction and now I am continuously assisting her with purchasing essentials to accompany garments already in her closet. Now come read this word from the Mrs. Lowery:

My sister surprised me for my birthday by giving me Courey as a gift. Yes, Courey is a gift from God and an answer to my prayers. I had always said if I ever came into money I’d hire my own personal trainer, chef, housekeeper and stylist, however Courey came before the riches, which is why I consider her to be an answer to my prayers. She used her talents to help me achieve my wardrobe  goals for this next phase of my life, which I will be forty something and fashionably fabulous thanks to Courey aka coordination. Courey came to my home and transformed my wardrobe into something that I would have never been able to do on my own.

We instantly connected and she was able to put the pieces together to best fit the image that I wanted without having to go out and buy more clothes.

Based on her discovery there were only a few essential items that I needed to make the outfits pop that she had put together. I was excited to hear and see that there was no need for me to go out and buy more clothes to achieve my goals.

Outside of her revamping my wardrobe, she became part of the family that night and we had so much fun over fashion. It was a new experience for me that I found to not only be refreshing, but lots of fun for a Saturday night in with my sisters and my toddler daughter. Courey’s trendy and fashionable vibe even brought out the fashionista in my daughter who fell in love with her boots, purse and hat and claimed them for herself. Being ready at all times for whatever she had a pair of play high heels in her car that she was able to give to my daughter and that touched my heart. Not only did she display her creativity and fashion sense, but also a nurturing side of her personality that can cater to all ages.

I’d recommend Courey to anyone wanting to upgrade their wardrobe, or even transform it for that matter. Then if you’re looking to save money Courey knows how to dress you from head to toe without breaking the bank.

-Marlana Lowery



Marlana being a casual cutie 😉