Happy Friday! I know some of you are tired of seeing my face and I’m always in the business of giving a little #BrownGirlLove 🙂
I had the pleasure of meeting this beauty in college and later she became my sister via a strong Sorority bond and I have always admired her sense of style. Meet Aubrey Roberts, originally from Cleveland, Ohio she went on to major in Biology during undergrad and she is currently getting her masters in pharmaceutical sciences with a concentration in cosmetic science. She will be moving to Connecticut in a little over a month to begin her career as a clinical research skin care scientist! (Now, that’s #BlackGirlMagic for you)

Having all that under her belt Aubrey just celebrated her 25th birthday, #AubreysQuarterPounder, in Puerto Rico and as I did my monthly obsessing of her Instagram page I just HAD to make her the first Friday Feature because the girl showed out. Her and a few of her closest friends took Puerto Rico by storm and it needed it’s own URL link. Check out some of the pictures from her birthday celebration and feel free to creep on her IG!



If you’re wondering where the birthday girl got the dress…. Check this out!

I made the skirt myself lol. I just sewed feather boas to a skirt. Then hot glued the rhinestones/pearls to a satin sash and then I sewed it to the top of the skirt lol. It was pretty easy to do.
Then I just bought the body suit for $15 from gojane.com!


Enjoy your weekend, and whatever your vice is? Do it responsibly!