I met Reggie at the university of Cincinnati and I’m proud to say I was able to watch him grow into a style of his own. Mixing casual and chic pieces is second nature to him and his retro look makes him stand out in any crowd. I actually reached out to his beautiful girlfriend to surprise him with this post and she has a message for the love of her life:

I was so excited when Courey asked me to help make Reggie her surprise Friday feature! 

Firstly, because Reggie and I love Courey/Courdination, and secondly because this is such an amazing honor! Pero (but) with that excitement came my nerves because I didn’t know how I was going to describe Reggie’s style in just a few words. Then it hit me…Reggie’s style is just that…Reggie’s style. It’s effortless, yet so intricate. He follows his own set of fashion rules, and does what works for him. 

Reggie is drawn to bold colors and prints, and has the ability to mix and match items and pull them off. Oh, and he most definitely isn’t afraid to take risks — Reggie is the type of man that will show up to a party in a full motocross outfit (sans a dirt bike), wear polka dot pants or cuff his shorts well above his knees…’cause he’s Reg!
Bottom line: I think Reggie’s style is DOPE and it’s just as vibrant, daring, fun and charismatic as he is!

Special Message to Reg from Des:
Papi, I hope I was able to effectively describe your style to the readers of Courdination, and if I wasn’t…oh well lol. I think I nailed it tho…love you!!

These two without a doubt are one of my favorite fly couples (also, because melanin)! Check them out on IG. Reg and Des.