First and foremost, allow me to introduce something I’m apart of that I hold very near and dear to my heart. FlyPaper Magazine. We will be launching our inaugural issue on 2/29/16 and to bring it in right, why not start off with a giveaway?

Local. Original. Fresh. FlyPaper Magazine is the Midwest’s premier online lifestyle magazine. FlyPaper features news and spotlights on Columbus, Ohio minority culture, local events, fashion, music, & more. Flypaper is social, cultural, & political with a heavy dose of urban style.

Signing up for the FlyPaper ThunderClap enters you into a drawing for 2 free movie tickets and a pair of FlyPaper Exclusive Nikes. Read the letter from the editor here.

If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area and are interested in being considered for the prizes all you have to do is sign up and support this Thunderclap. Stay tuned and keep your ear to the ground. FlyPaper Magazine will continue providing fresh content and amazing giveaways.