It happens every year. I’m living my life, smiling, smelling the roses then #Bam, it starts raining on the inside of my head. When I wake up in the mornings I don’t see the sun, even when I know it’s there. It’s tragic, really…. What the mind does when you’re not paying it much attention. And in spite of not paying it much attention, it still rears its ugly head.

I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder nearly 10 years ago. I’ve skipped a year or two but for the most part I can’t escape it. As I grow older I learn to deal with it however it’s not an easy task.

Per my favorite mostly reliable source, Wikipedia describes seasonal depression as such:

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, winter blues, summer depression, summertime sadness, or seasonal depression, is a mood disorder subset in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter or summer.[1]


Long story short I become a recluse and then I lose a certain amount (all) of my passion to do the things I love to do. And unfortunately this here blog was the first to suffer. I sincerely apologize for my absence.

My seasonal depression was only the beginning, as it spans out into an anxiety disorder, but….. Instead of sitting around and sulking I decided to be vulnerable in this moment. Mental health is all too often something that is swept under the rug, ignored, and looked down upon. Yet so very, very common. The stigma of it keeps people from being open and honest about it. Being transparent has become more than therapeutic for me as it allows for those around me to either educate themselves, or to realize they are not alone. I assure you, no matter how alone you may feel….. The experience is common.

My style is unapologetically tethered to my mood. So I thought I would show you my emotion through my choice of clothing. So as I push through and get back to the things I love I wanted to play around with blues and greys. Enjoy!


Top: Target (Old)

Dress: Agaci Store

Shoes: Forever 21