So, one of my favorite artists right now is Kashmir. Kashmir. She has been doing this for awhile but just recently began to receive the deserved praise and hood notoriety from her 90’s inspired artwork which has now spawned intoa full blown online shop that sells posters, home decor, clothing, bags, and other accessories.

My name is Kashmir Thompson. I’m a 26 year old visual artist from Cleveland, OH currently residing in Georgia. I’m a graduate of the Cleveland School of the Arts where I majored in Visual Communications and minored in Creative Writing. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but decided to take my talents seriously in 2014.


I knew Kash when she lived in Cleveland and I even remember when she was readying herself to make the transition to leave Cleveland and pursue her career. She hasn’t looked back since and I’ve been obsessed with her journey. One particular painting she did has haunted me for ages.


I became so inspired that I decided to imitate the concept.


• looking for revenge •

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And when I sent the idea to Kash, the rest was herstory!