Every so often myself and few ladies get together and enjoy dinner together while having in depth conversation. The event is hosted by Anne Stafford, Chef Abbe’, and Brittany Winkfield (soon to be Mrs. Scales), of WStyleLounge and they have outdone themselves. We were invited to Copius where the cuisine and ambiance were absolutely divine.

Ladies nights theme is New Year Glam! NYE type attire is encouraged (fur, sequence, beaded dress, lace etc) there is no over the top, so please dress to impress. We will begin seating in our private room @Coupious/Note at 6:30 pm 1/16/2016. We have a special dinner menu provided just for our room! There are lots of surprises in store for the night, so you please arrive promptly. I hope to see you soon!!!

 While we waited for our meals the hosts asked a question in which each of the ladies were required to dig deep to answer.

“What did you let go of/leave behind for the New Year?”

While each of the ladies answers were I apron ranging from anger, insecurity, and people not worthy of their energy I was mostly moved by Ms. Tareya J, make up artist and fashionista (pictured below on the left) replied, “I am letting go of defending my humanity. Unless it is to educate other POC who may not understand, I am no longer wasting my energy on explaining why I deserve to live.”
Well done, ladies. I am blessed and honored to have been in the presence of the energy of such amazing spirits.

Dress// Fashion Nova.
Shoes// Choies.
Coat// Vintage Mink (yes it’s real)
Faux Septum Clip// Lost.Queens.