Happy Wednesday! I’ve been doing a bit of research on Chakra’s lately so I wanted that to be apparent as I work through them. The color red is symbolic of so many things including passion, love, and dominance. So why not start with the Root. Here’s a small explanation from my spiritual counselor, Monique! Enjoy!

Red is one of the most visually stimulating colors, but it also connects to the first of our seven energy centers. Known as Muladhara, the root chakra is the first of seven energy centers in our body. It is our center of safety and security. Our basic need. It is the sense of being rooted and connected.  It’s not a coincidence that we wear red to express action and power, or to show love or courage. When we wear red we are creatively showcasing our rootedness and the authority that comes in being grounded.


Monique is an energy worker, experienced in reiki and color therapies. Check her out on IG,  here.


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