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H&M Tee || Express Jeans ||Bebo Cleated Chunky Heel

Happy Friday, this time I wanted to try something different and push myself out of my comfort zone so when I bought these shoes I knew it was gonna be a slow process before I actually wore them. They were thrifted from a very very trendy shop. I paired my white platform lug heels, white cut off tee, and my acid wash jeans and I think it came out pretty cool. I also had to go back to what I know best and throw on my leather hat and my favorite target single soles. Nevertheless, we can probably all agree that the real star here is….. the hair.

Yes, I could have linked the hair above but then why would you watch my summer favorite hair youtube video when it posts? lol. I won’t leave you guessing for too long and I will absolutely be doing a video series via youtube on my different wigs and weaves. Any who, I want you all to have an amazing weekend and I’ll see you guys next week!