Public Hanger was selling vintage clothing before vintage became hot thanks to Alison Carter. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio you can find her on Twitter & Instagram

Alison owner of Public Hanger Consignment has always expressed herself through fashion, colors, and art. Founding Public Hanger is not only to recycle trendy vintage and contemporary fashions, but share the vision of style through the eyes of like minded against the grain fashioneers.

There’s always history and a story behind recycled clothing.

Introducing you into her trunk of one of a kind fab gems including bold printed garments, shoes, and accessories. Sprinkle in a little creativity, dash of color, pinch of individuality and you can complete any look added to your hanger!

Alison is currently the store manager of Royal Factory Atelier where Public Hanger is sold. Stop by and shop with her at 1209 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio 43201!