Happy Wednesday! I had the pleasure of doing some modeling for the very talented Sheree Alexis recently, A Chicago native now living in Columbus, Ohio pursuing her passion one stitch at a time.


As a child I’ve always been creative and exceptionally crafty. I could take the simplest of fabric and transform it into a masterpiece of choice. I started taking my craft seriously in 2012 by becoming a professional wardrobe stylist, but I never really thought about sewing until recently. Luckily, my twin sister gave me an unused sewing machine and the rest is history.

Excited about my new endeavors, my son became my ultimate inspiration. Sometimes finding classic pieces to fit his polished style was difficult so I began to explore the innovator within. The glue gun and my new sewing machine became my best friends! By Gods grace I began to pull from a well of resources through classes, tutorials and trusting friends wanting me to make pieces to fit their personal styles, all allowing me to hone my craft and sharpen my skill.

The more I sew the better I get! As I continue to challenge myself I know that the sky isn’t even the limit to what I can do. I look forward to all God will do through me as I become even more proficient in my craft.
My work: Custom skirts made in an array of sizes to fit your personal style. -Sheree Alexis

Peep the details below 🙂