Anemone Women’s Lace Bralette|| DKNY Sheer Shirt (similar here) || FashionNova High Waisted Denim || LolaShoetique Nude Pump


Happy Wednesday. Today’s post will be all about rejuvenating your classics. White, Denim, and Nude has always been a go-to combination, but it isn’t simply about putting the colors together. It’s about WHAT you put together. I didn’t want to simply grab a white tee, which totally would’ve worked btw, and throw it with some jeans but I wanted to tie my personality in, as well.


It’s very important that you find your personality in your fashion. No matter what you wear, make sure it is YOU, and unapologetically. I got the super cute bralette as a two pack (black and white) via Amazon (Prime, because i’m inpatient!) for a little over $9, the shirt was $3 at best! It does not take a lot of money to look like a million bucks! 🙂


With that being said, you have to look at your closet differently. I have had this shirt in a drawer and overlooked it many times. It took me awhile to change my closet perspective and instead of buying new things I simply did not need, I began to plan outfits in my mind and find the closest thing I could find to them and wear it, no matter what. Sometimes you must push yourself to see things different. You never know how it will turn out! Hey, maybe we should al adopt the 2016 campaign to #DressWithPurpose. See you guys, tomorrow!