Space Jam Crewneck (Thrifted/Borrowed- Similar) //  Shoes: Ego

Photography: Jaron Murphy// Creative Directing: Myself, Jaron MurphyMikeisha Dache


Hi, so it’s been awhile. I’ve just been busy swagging around Columbus, drinking more water, minding my business, growing out my edges, and trying to keep my bills paid on time. But, we know how this goes. The seasons are changing and I’m getting the writing bug. Myself and two of my favorite creatives decided to meet up on a Sunday and see what we could cook up. After all with myself and Mikey’s aesthetic and how organic it is every time I work with Jaron, I knew when we got to the first location we had something on our hands.  We are all amidst building our own brands and getting our names out there, and in the name of -collaboration over competition-. We got together and made pure magic. Enjoy.


And low and behold as we were parking…. we ran into Columbus’ Own @MrKingJD. He is without a doubt one of Columbus’ most esteemed photographers. Check out his work here.  He handed me his camera bag and we had to swag out. Jaron Murphy Photography caught all of the magic.