Meet Obiageli Dee. A Nigerian-American native of Columbus Ohio who began her own clothing line after she graduated from Miami University of Ohio. StylesByO.D.I. is described as Ankara Chic and I had the pleasure of attending her launch party for her long awaited clothing line and website this past June 27th in Cincinnati Ohio.

STYLESbyO.D.I. is inspired by Obie’s Nigerian culture. It is designed based on a type of fabric called Ankara which is very popular in West African culture. Ankara is a vibrant, festive, and colorful pattern that is used to express character and personality amongst West Africans.

Obie’s vision is to remake the latest trends using Ankara and while incorporating a unique twist to modern day clothing. Her hope is to one day captivate people around the world with these Ankara pieces and to inspire and encourage all to tell their own story by wearing STYLESbyO.D.I.

Please check out her website and get your life. Tell her I sent you!