It’s amazing to woman-clock-tickingme how quickly time passes by. I mean….2015 is more than halfway passed and the new year is approaching faster than imagined. One thing that I am constantly being reminded of is that time is precious. It is something that you can never get back and no moment you’re here should ever be taken for granted.

How many times have you looked at that book that you bought to read but can’t make it past the introduction? Or started on that business plan you’ve been contemplating for years, but never finished it? All too often we put off some of our heart’s deepest desires because we always think that we’ll have tomorrow to get it done. If I’ve learned nothing else from watching the news, it’s that not a day on this earth is guaranteed. How many times have you put off a plan or put a major project on the back-burner because you “didn’t have enough time”? Those 2 hours you spent scrolling through IG for the latest tea, or the time spent posting that 3,065 second snap, can be better utilized. Many people often talk and complain about the time they don’t have, when in reality…it’s time that they do have, but simply haven’t used that time to actually be productive. And though it’s cliche, people will always make time for what they want. Don’t allow your life goals to be caught in the balance. Make time for YOU!

One of the biggest struggles I’ve noticed within myself and those around me, is that we are all full of the most amazing talent and brilliant ideas, and have the most potential to be nothing short of great, but fail to put any of it to use due to lack of commitment. That same energy you commit to punching that clock everyday is the same energy you should commit to investing in yourself. You should always have enough time to do something for yourself or complete something that YOU want to do. “Invest more time in your own dreams than you do in someone else’s”. We all have the same 24 hours, but how you choose to use them is the difference. Make yours count. Don’t wait until tomorrow because tomorrow doesn’t always come.

Sometimes I envy those who decide one day to pack up their things & move to another state in the blink of an eye. Those who wake up & decide to quit their jobs and chase their dreams. I envy these people not because I want their lives, but simply because they grab life by the horns and live it, which is something I’ve continuously failed to do, but plan to actually do more of in the near future. We only get one life…don’t spend it wishing & hoping that you had done things differently. Many people also tend to live by this false timeline of where they are “supposed” to be or what might be “too late” to accomplish. It’s never too late to put your mind towards something that makes your heart happy. And in the words of Miss herself, “Baby girl you’re beautiful. Please don’t leave your hopes and your dreams inside of  your cubicle”.

*hops off soapbox*

Until next time…

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