Happy Wednesday, good people! I know you’re sick of seeing my face so I thought on share my spotlight and put you guys on to my favorite fashion bloggers at the moment. These are in no particular order but please get your life!

Vic Sanders of Vic Styles: She is my bohemian dream. She dresses in a carefree fluid way that I only wish I had the weather for & her print blocking powers are super dope. She’s actually one of my #FashionGoals as I will attempt to add more bohemian pieces to my wardrobe this spring and summer.

Excited for the New Year. ✨📷: @cookayemonster + @christopherjamar

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Mattie James of Mattieologie.: Mattie is my #InfluencerBae. She’s honestly gotten me together via email blasts and periscope and not only can she dress her a$$ off shes all about her business. She has podcasts that will lead a blogger into better content and better time management. Her style is very classical chic, but don’t get me wrong, she can definitely bring the edge.

Hey, Dubai, hey. #honeymooning #baecation @atlantisthepalm

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Kahlana Barfield Brown: Editor Bae. I technically can’t even add her to this post because the term blogger is beneath her. She is the Editor-At-Large for InStyle magazine and has had an amazing rise to fashion fame and glory. She started out as an intern and now she’s what I want to be when I grow up, in every way. She’s got it all. The career, the closet, and the husband any girl would kill for. Her style is “all things fabulous.” Her specialty is mixing casual and dressy pieces, and layering them perfectly. Read more about Kahlana from one of my favorite online magazines, XONecole.