My good friend Ernest Paige, (DJ Bern), launched his personal blog yesterday documenting his weight loss journey #Bern200 and for his first interview he featured someone who is not only very close to me but also someone who inspires me on a consistent basis, Christine Johnson (I affectionately call her Steen!)! I just had to share this with you guys because I often come across sooooo many beautiful women and clients who struggle with their weight and I know someone out here needs so motivation! Please enjoy! 🙂


Every so often, I like to share stories of people I know personally that are on their weight loss journey. I believe it makes the dream of losing weight and being healthy more of a reality when it comes from common everyday people with authentic stories everybody can relate to. Check out this weeks feature, as Christine talks about her keys to fitness.

Name: Christine A. Johnson

Age: 31

Height: 6’1

Starting weight: 350 (OMG is right)

How I gained it: I have always been a big girl sounds cliché I know, but it’s the truth. All my life and even today I have been told “you are tall” “beautiful they way you are” “well proportioned” “you do not need to lose weight” “life is too short, eat what you want” so I never really cared about being overweight. With all this feedback I never considered my own health in the long run. Because this was my family and friends I thought to myself, why would those who love me lie to me? so I did not focus on losing the weight. From middle school age to high school, I was athletic. I played softball, basketball, and did track and field, so again, I was like “I can run and do all this, why care about losing weight”.

When college rolled around my mindset on weight changed just a little. I actually started to care how clothes looked on me so I attempted to work out, but nothing lasted more than two weeks with me. Not playing sports in college made me become lazy. After College I had my first child, I gained weight, I got married I gained even more weight because I became comfortable and finally I had my second child and quit. I became comfortable with life, ignoring all signs of health risk I was creating for myself.

Breaking Point: I had a sequence of events that created one big breaking point for me.  It started with hating looking at pictures of myself after I had kids, me not being able to wear what I wanted and be comfortable to me having a major surgery and doctor telling me I had severely high blood pressure. I think once my doctor told me I would be dependent on medication, I knew then I had a decision to make. I have a family who needs me and most important I have two children that depend on me. I would have been an idiot to dismiss what the doctor said and not make a change.

Current weight: As of February 17, 2016 I weigh 270lbs.


GOAL: I have found that setting small goals for myself throughout my journey has worked best. Recently starting in November of 2015 I said I wanted to lose 40lbs by my birthday which was February 17th. I had to lose 10lbs per month. I obtained that goal plus I lost a little more than I expected. Setting monthly goals for myself fits my lifestyle. Everyone is different and that is something I have to remember. I currently have a goal to lose 50 lbs. by July 1, again 10lbs a month for five months.

Deprivation is REAL!!! I will continue to change what I eat and my portions, but I will not deprive myself of a cheat meal once in a while. My personal opinion, when you deprive yourself of your favorite foods, you will find yourself thinking about it consistently and you will eat; even eat more than you wanted. Then you will be left feeling guilty about what you just did. Constantly telling yourself “Oh I will start over on Monday”.

My overall goal is to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle; I never had to take the blood pressure medication the doctor told me I would have to take, so I will continue to do what I have to do to better myself each and every day.  I will continue to work out at least five times weekly, focus on portion control and allow myself cheat meals, not cheat days. I have to focus on ME and continue this journey for me because I am the one who gained the weight so I have to be the one who put in work to lose it.

My advice to those trying to lose weight: HAVE A PLAN, meaning keep track of what you eat daily and know your end goals. Food journals, my plate calorie tracker, my fitness pal are a few ways to keep track of what you are eating daily. Take progress pictures so you can compare your past to your future goals. Know actually why you are changing your lifestyle. If you start your journey for anything other than yourself you will fail, I say fail because you will be spending time trying to prove to others what you can do instead of what you should be doing for self.

Build your SUPPORT team. I am not saying cut all the negative people from your life (they are needed☺), but I am saying create a positive support team that will encourage you. A team that will give you honest feedback, remind you of your goals and are willing to work out with you if needed. It will be days where you will text/call a friend and say “it’s been a long day I do not want to go to the gym” you need someone that will push you. I have found honest people are needed during this lifestyle. I do not want you to sugar coat nothing for me because I am your friend or family member. I need to hear the truth even if it may hurt.

MAKE IT A LIFE STYLE, when you follow all the latest and greatest diets, you will become bored and want to give up because it isn’t working for you. All diets do not work for everyone, be mindful of that. I know people who eat what they want, when they want, work out and lose weight. If I tried that plan I would gain so much weight. If I even thought of a French fry I would gain☺. So you need to make it a lifestyle and allow yourself some cheat meals or cheat snacks here and there.

NEVER EVER compare yourself to anyone else, it is so easy to do. Women especially can look at a picture on the internet and compare progress. I have personally done it plenty of times, but reality set in. You never know what that person has done to lose weight. Social Media is a place where people are free to be who they want to be. Social media also only show you fifty percent of their fitness journey. There is Photoshop; people have surgery, dieting pills etc. so I do not to compare my progress with the next person. Only person I compare myself to is ME, I fight myself every day to be the best ME I can possibly be.

Make your journey FUN. Attend Zumba with friends, take classes that fit you best, go bike riding, swimming, go walking, and just find a routine that fits your style. Who cares if you cannot run a mile or lift a certain amount of weight? As long as you start and make each day count. When I started my journey, I started off running. I tried to run a mile and couldn’t run 2 minutes without being out of breath and completely stopping. I was embarrassed that I could not run without stopping so I almost gave up. My friends wouldn’t let me give up so now running is a part of my routine. I ran my first 3k January 1, 2016 and I plan on running more the whole year.

No one said living a healthy lifestyle is easy. There will be days where you want to give up, days where you might cry because it is too much, you will doubt yourself, but remember ALL the hard work well pay off and better days following. Once you build your support team lean on them, they will get you through those rough days.

Do not DEPRIVE yourself. Food is the biggest key to losing weight; you have to control what you put in your body, but do not try to go cold turkey starting off. Remember it is a lifestyle and only you can make changes happen. Pinterest is a great website to find anything you want, from recipes, food plans, diet approach, home workouts, workout attire and more. Anything you need they have it….. Remember nothing will happen overnight, it will hurt, it will require dedication and sacrifices, but it will be worth it in the end. Stop saying I wish and start saying “I WILL”, Do it for YOU and have fun!!!