Welcome? Yes, that question mark is supposed to be there. Because I truly can’t believe this moment is here. I’ve been searching for a way to combine two things I love for a very long time and though it may not seem like a big deal, this blog means the world to me. You see alot of the problem was confidence. Confidence, you say? Yes. You may have given massive side eye when the girl who wears pasties under a sheer cat suit says she lacks confidence (not one of my proudest moments, btw) but I promise it’s true. For a very large portion of my life I never put much effort into anything. Yes a part of it was laziness and being content but most of it was fear of failure. I felt like if I didn’t try I couldn’t be rejected. But today, is a new day. It’s #Courdination Day and I can only hope this little venture I’ve gotten myself into puts a smile on someone’s face or a “yassssssssssssss” in someone’s snap.

I’ll typically be posting 3 times a week but for #LaunchWeek I’ll be posting once a day!!

Please enjoy, this is only the beginning.

Top: SheIn with Matching bottoms $26.33
Bottom: Choies $20.99
Shoes: Target (No longer sold. Similar Here.)
MakeUp: Alison Carter of LipGlossMafia