Happy Monday!!! I missed you all! And I would like to believe you all missed feature friday however I had a performance at a wedding, over the weekend, that took all of my focus, so I want to apologize. I’m 90% sure, though, that this will make up for my absence 🙂


Meet Tasiah Holoway, a Cleveland Native currently living in New York. I had the honor of attending college with Tasiah and though we were not close she’s always had a radiant personality and a brilliant smile. I followed her engagement from afar via the interwebs and through friends we have in common so when I finally saw her gown, I was so taken aback by it’s beauty I had to reach out to her! She was a stunning bride, and this slayage deserves it’s own audience. Details of her dress journey below, enjoy your Monday!

Engagement date: 5/18/14
Date I said “yes” to the dress: 11/15/14
Dress Designer: Allure Couture
Wedding date: 8/15/15
Wedding location: Cleveland, Ohio
Photographer: Stephen Midgett


Of course the moment I got engaged I started looking at wedding dresses online. I knew I wanted a mermaid/fit n flare silhouette, but I also wanted something unique. I kept a list in my phone of every dress or designer that stood out, keeping my budget in mind of course. The next thing I did was research bridal boutiques. I live in NYC where there’s a lot of options so I had to narrow it down.

I decided to start at RK Bridal, one of the largest bridal stores in NYC. At RK Bridal they suggest that you use your first visit to figure out what styles, fabrics, and silhouettes work best for you. I took their advice and went with my friend Iyabo to try on a few dresses from my list. The dress that ended up being my dress was the very first dress I tried on! I loved the detail, lace, neckline, and uniqueness of the dress. I felt like the dress was made for me!

I ended up trying 5 more dresses that day, none of which could compare to the first dress. I scheduled an appointment to return a couple months later with my mom and sister. I tried on a few new dresses along with “my dress” without telling my mom and sister which one was the dress I fell in love with on my first visit. As soon as I came out of the dressing room in my dress they knew that was the one. Even other brides and their families came over to tell me that the dress was “the one” and that it looked perfect on me. So without hesitation, I ordered the dress.

I had completed what I thought would be one the most difficult decisions of my wedding planning process, but it was actually one of the easiest. One store, two visits, one perfect dress. I know it sounds cliché, but it just felt right from the very first moment I tried it on.


I can only hope to be as beautiful and to have a similar experience. Now come look at all this #BlackGirlMagic