DJDURL is a man of many hats and has always played different roles, such as a DJ, a photographer, event planner and whatever else his creative mind leads him to. Now, he has two new roles that are more important than all: Husband & Father. On DJDURL’s new YouTube channel, #YourFavorite YouTube Channel, you will get to see how the upcoming baby and nuptials are being prepared for. Each week, he will show different sides of life for a young black male in America. He is giving his perspective of the excitement and fears of being a father in a world that hardly ever portrays black fathers in a normal, let alone a positive, way. His goal is to be vulnerable, and to inspire others to share their stories. We have to write our own history and build a positive legacy for our generations to follow.

I strongly encourage you to check him out and stay tuned for what is to come. Here are the first two videos, (I’m in the intro), for your viewing pleasures.